This is a summary page for my Cyberdeck-project. In this page you can find BOM and links to each post of the series.

Build log

BOM (Bill of materials)

Updated as new posts comes up.

Part Amount For what
PLA - 3D printer parts needs to be printed
Case, 34x29x15cm 1pc To hold all the tech and parts
Heat insert M3 6mm long ~48pcs For bottom rails’ holes and speaker mounts
Heat insert M3 3mm long ~40pcs For lid rails’ holes
Screw M3 6mm long ~31pcs For attaching components in part 2
Nut M3 ~3pcs For attaching control board to it’s mount
12.5” FHD IPS 1pc Screen that was meant for Thinkpad X240 / X250/X260/X270
Driver board kit 1pc For controlling the screen and getting HDMI out
2.0 speakers 1pc The cheapest speakers I found from the store

Note: The amounts for heat inserts, nuts and screws are estimates at it’s best, can’t remember all used ones. I might do a proper counting once the whole project is more or less done.